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Moshe Kahn Advocates is a specialist business law firm based in Tel Aviv, Israel. We act as an advocate in Israel for our clients, providing a full range of legal services that encompasses many aspects of business, corporate and commercial law, including representation in corporate, commercial, and real estate transactions and in complex commercial litigation and dispute resolution proceedings. Our solutions are comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective. If you need a top-quality business attorney in Israel, then Moshe Kahn Advocates should be your choice.

Our Clientele

Moshe Kahn Advocates represents clients of all sizes and at all stages of their business life cycle from small start-ups to high-profile international corporations. Our clients come from a broad range of industries including hi-tech and low-tech, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, healthcare, nutrition, homeland security communications and telecom, real estate, and construction.

Moshe Kahn Advocates Legal Services

The lawyers at Moshe Kahn Advocates provide corporate and commercial legal services to clients around the world. Our portfolio of core legal competencies and proficiencies includes the following areas of practice:

We provide Israeli law services in both English and Hebrew.

An Attorney in Israel with over 20 Years of Experience

With over 20 years of experience to draw on, Moshe Kahn and his team provide premium legal services and exceptional solutions in a responsive manner. We pride ourselves on our accessibility and the personalized attention we offer each and every client. Our lawyers have extensive national and international experience. Our Founder Moshe Kahn is admitted to the New York State Bar.

Our international experience is second to none. Having represented high-profile international corporations over the years and being an Israeli member of Legal Netlink Alliance, the lawyers at Moshe Kahn Advocates have managed and worked with corporate clients and lawyers around the world. This gives us a unique perspective and valuable understanding of our international clients' expectations and needs. We have effectively bridged cultural and communication gaps to help our clients succeed in their business goals at home and abroad.

In addition to representing foreign clients and acting as their advocate in Israel, we also assist local companies with their legal needs abroad and have extensive experience dealing with cross-border transactions.

Our lawyers' results-oriented legal services are successful because we combine our experience and expertise with a deep understanding of our clients' businesses. This highly individualized approach ensures our clients receive superior legal solutions that work for them from their Israel lawyers. It is the personal attention, dedication, integrity, and commitment to our clients that makes us so successful.

An Interview with Moshe Kahn

The Moshe Kahn Advocates Difference

Accessibility, responsiveness, and personalized service are three qualities that make Moshe Kahn Advocates different from other business law firms. When these core values are combined with our extensive knowledge of the law we are able to offer exceptionally effective and efficient solutions to our client's legal needs.

Client service always has been and always will be our top priority. Our attorneys are accessible and responsive to our clients' changing needs from the start with every case and every client being equally important to us. Before we even start to recommend a course of action, we take the time to get to know our clients and understand their business inside and out.

At Moshe Kahn Advocates we offer the same high-level services you'd expect from a large law firm, however, you won't ever be 'lost in the system.' Our services are efficient and streamlined and our compact size contributes to our dynamic character, which means highly effective solutions for our clients.

When representing a client in a transaction, our priority is to serve the client's interests. You can be assured that in doing so, we will act as a 'deal maker' rather than a 'deal breaker.'

When representing in litigation, we always search for alternative solutions to resolve the case most effectively and efficiently for our clients. If such a solution is not possible, we are always ready and able to fight for our ultimate goal: winning cases.

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