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IMG 2613The Israeli attorneys at Moshe Kahn Advocates in Tel Aviv, provide ongoing legal advice on issues of Israeli corporate law, including companies and partnerships, shareholder agreements, company control, directors' rights, and responsibilities, corporate governance, and corporate reorganizations. Our attorneys represent strategic, active, and passive investors, as well as target companies in business acquisitions (including management buyouts) and advise on related Israeli corporate, legal and regulatory issues, including matters that require governmental approvals, antitrust, and local employment laws.

In addition, we specialize in corporate litigation including shareholder disputes, and represent shareholders in such struggles, both in and out of the courts. We also represent our clients at arbitration and mediation to resolve corporate disputes.

Our clients range from start-ups and emerging companies to multi-national corporations of all sizes. We have represented businesses in hi-tech and low-tech fields, real estate and construction, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, healthcare, nutrition, homeland security, and communications.

Safeguarding Your Business through Regulatory Compliance

Many corporate clients rely on us for advice and oversight of their day-to-day legal concerns as well as their long-term policies and procedures, agreements and contracts, and regulatory compliance. We believe t that compliance with corporate laws and regulations is the best way to protect your business for the long term. Our solutions are comprehensive, efficient, and cost-effective.

Some examples of our Corporate Law services are:

  • Corporate entity formation and registration
  • Ongoing advice and legal opinions on corporate law matters
  • Corporate governance
  • Corporate due diligence
  • Corporate acquisitions
  • Representation in shareholder disputes and corporate litigation
  • Strategic alliances, collaborations, joint ventures, and partnerships
  • International corporate transactions
  • Investments and private equity transactions
  • Mergers and Acquisitions, including cross-border transactions
  • Venture capital and private equity funding
  • Founders and Shareholder agreements
  • Share Purchase agreements
  • Voting agreements
  • ESOP plans and agreements
  • Directors' and officers' employment agreements
  • Incorporation Documents
  • Consulting agreements

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Client-Centered Services

At Moshe Kahn Advocates we understand that you know your business best, yet it is our job to provide you with legal counsel that meets your needs and protects your rights and interests in Israel. To do that we take time to learn everything we can about our clients' businesses and tailor our legal solutions to those specific business needs. Accessibility, responsiveness, and personalized attention are the hallmarks of Moshe Kahn Advocates' legal services. We pride ourselves on delivering efficient and effective solutions that are specific to each client's needs.

Whether you are an Israeli business that needs legal counsel at home or you are an international business that is expanding to Israel or needs to form an Israeli company, Moshe Kahn Advocates has the expertise needed to ensure your corporate legal needs are met and your goals achieved in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible.

Israeli Attorneys with International Exposure

Moshe Kahn Advocates is one of the well-respected law firms in Israel and has provided legal service to many corporate clients from around the world. Moshe Kahn Advocates is the Israeli law firm of Mackrell International, an internationally recognized organization of 100 law offices worldwide. As such, we have a unique perspective on international business and work with a large network of lawyers across the globe to develop legal solutions that meet our clients' objectives.

The Moshe Kahn Advocates Portfolio of Legal Specialties

Moshe Kahn Advocates provides a comprehensive portfolio of corporate and commercial legal services. Our legal specialties include:

If you're looking for law firms in Israel that can deliver effective corporate legal solutions, contact Moshe Kahn Advocates. We will be happy to discuss your needs and explain our services in more detail. Fill out the contact form below or call us at +972-3-6914775.


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