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IMG 2613Moshe Kahn Advocates provides comprehensive legal advice and representation in matters related to labor and employment law. We have an intricate understanding of complex Israeli labor and employment laws and we are at home in the Labor Courts in Israel. We represent companies and management, but also act on behalf of key employees in need of an employment lawyer in Israel, becoming your prime advocate in Israel.

Moshe Kahn Advocates' Labor and Employment Law Services in Israel

All business employees are instrumental to its success. Without professional and dedicated employees, a business will fail. As Israeli labor and employment laws and regulations continue to evolve and change, it is important to have a knowledgeable business and commercial lawyer in Israel advising you. Accurate and current legal advice is your best protection from employment-related lawsuits and can help you manage your day-to-day business operations with ease.

Our team has vast experience drafting employment agreements, Employee Stock Options Plans, and other employment-related documents. In addition to negotiating and drafting business and employment agreements, we can represent you during litigation. We often litigate employment-related issues and we represent both companies and individual key employees

As your advocate in Israel, Moshe Kahn Advocates provides the following labor and employment law services:

  • Labor and Employment Law Consultation and Advice
  • Ensuring compliance with local labor laws
  • Drafting and Negotiation of employment agreements, including non-compete agreements
  • ESOP plans and agreements
  • Labor and Employment Law Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Day-to-Day Advising on employment-related issues such as recruitment and retention, benefits and compensation, restrictive covenants, equal opportunity, termination of employment relationships, Severance Pay pension matters, and more
  • Compliance Counseling
  • Representation in regulatory enforcement proceedings
  • Assistance and advice relating to immigration status including work visas and permits

Israeli Labor and Employment Lawyers

If you are a business that is planning an international expansion, wishing to establish an Israeli presence or an Israeli company, and you would like to hire local personnel, Moshe Kahn Advocates is the recommended law firm in Israel to meet your legal needs. As the Israeli member firm of Mackrell International, an internationally recognized organization with more than 100 law offices located worldwide, we are ideally suited to assist with all your labor and employment needs.

As business and commercial lawyers in Israel, we often advise local and foreign businesses of all sizes from small start-ups to large corporations on the technicalities of establishing offices and presence as well as on hiring practices in Israel. By working with local law firms throughout the world we help our clients establish new offices, relocate employees, and navigate the unique legal challenges that arise abroad.

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Other Areas Of Practice At Moshe Kahn Advocates

Our lawyers provide complete corporate and commercial legal services, focusing on:

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To learn more about our business, labor, and employment law services in Israel contact us online or at +972-3-6914775. We will be happy to answer your questions and discuss your needs to determine how an employment lawyer in Israel from Moshe Kahn Advocates could help your business' legal needs.


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