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IMG 2613As a prominent business law firm in Israel, we have extensive experience in assisting domestic and foreign clients through M&As. . Our strong familiarity with Israeli corporate laws and regulations allows a corporate lawyer in Israel from Moshe Kahn Advocates to provide companies and investors with the expert legal analysis and service they need to prepare for and complete a merger or acquisition.

Our Israeli attorney team has strong international experience, having assisted both domestic and multinational companies through M&A transactions. We have represented local and foreign investors and sellers, acquiring companies and target companies. We represent national and international clients of all sizes and across many different industries including hi-tech and low-tech, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, healthcare, nutrition, homeland security, and communications.

Moshe Kahn Advocates' Mergers and Acquisitions Services

The Israeli attorney team at Moshe Kahn Advocates, assists companies on both sides of merger or acquisition cases, by providing legal advice and guidance through the entire process to ensure that the client's business interests are protected.

Mergers and acquisitions can move extremely quickly, particularly in the beginning, which is why a responsive commercial lawyer in Israel is so important to protect your interests. We deliver legal solutions in an effective and efficient manner.

Our Mergers and Acquisitions services include:

  • Assistance in preparation of a business for due diligence by potential buyers
  • Assistance in conducting the legal due diligence, inquiries, reviews, and disclosures
  • Preparation and negotiation of the transaction letter of intent, memorandum of understanding, or term sheet.
  • Preparation and negotiation of share purchase agreement or the asset purchase agreement and other transaction documents
  • Preparation of ancillary transaction agreements and documents, including amended Articles of Association, shareholders agreements, consulting agreements, employment agreements, non-competition agreements, etc.
  • Assistance in obtaining governmental approvals when needed
  • Preparation of closing documents, reports, and filings.
  • Management Buyouts

Whether you are the acquiring party or the target of an acquisition, you will have many questions and concerns about what happens to your side of the business, your employees, and your own personal stake in the company. Your Israeli attorney at Moshe Kahn Advocates will be able to explain the process to you so that you understand what is happening and your role in the process.

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Additional Areas of Practice at Moshe Kahn Advocates

In addition to mergers and acquisitions, our lawyers provide specialized corporate and commercial services in the following areas:

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To learn more about our comprehensive mergers and acquisitions legal services in Israel, contact us online or at +972-3-6914775. We will be happy to answer your questions and discuss your needs.


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