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IMG 2613Our expertise in the area of Hi-Tech and Start-Up Companies has earned us a reputation as one of the well-respected law firms in Israel. This recognition comes through our exceptional advising of investors and entrepreneurs during the initial and growth phases of the company with an acute understanding of the obstacles that Start-Up companies are likely to encounter in their growth stages. In addition to legal services offered to investors, entrepreneurs and companies, we offer advice, legal support, and assistance in dealings with public authorities and regulators, such as the Chief Scientist's Office, the Investment Center, and more.

Our Legal Services for Hi-Tech and Start-Up Companies include:

  • Assistance in preparation of a company for due diligence by potential investors
  • Assistance to investors in conducting the legal due diligence, inquiries, reviews, and disclosures
  • Preparation and negotiation of the transaction letter of intent, memorandum of understanding, or term sheet.
  • Preparation and negotiation of the investment agreement and other transaction documents
  • Preparation of ancillary transaction agreements and documents, including amended Articles of Association, shareholders agreements, consulting agreements, employment agreements etc.
  • Assistance in obtaining governmental approvals when needed
  • Preparation of closing documents, reports, and filings.
  • Data protection
  • Employment Law matters
  • Litigation, Arbitration, and Dispute Resolution

Prominent Law Firm in Tel Aviv for Hi-Tech and Start-Up Companies

We are particularly skilled at assisting investors and Start-Ups in their negotiations for the funding to be invested in the companies from seed-funding stages to advanced investment rounds, our law firm in Tel Aviv is involved in negotiations for investing the capital that newly emerging businesses need. We work closely with our clients to help them through the legal aspects of funding their businesses. Once your business is established, Moshe Kahn Advocates can help you with all of your corporate law needs from day-to-day advising, to long-term growth plans, to employment and labor concerns and more. We are a well-respected law firm in Tel Aviv that can assist you through all the stages of its lifecycle as a Start-Up company.

Representation of Investors in Hi-Tech and Start-Up Companies: Your Advocate in Tel Aviv

Just as we represent emerging and Start-Up companies in these funding negotiations, we represent strategic and private equity investors as well. If you are an investor interested in investing in a Start-Up or a Hi-Tech company in Israel, contact the Moshe Kahn Advocates law firm in Tel Aviv for assistance. We can help investors in their negotiations for investment in Israeli companies and advise and guide the investors through the negotiation and funding processes. If you are unable to be physically present at the negotiation, your Moshe Kahn Advocates Israeli attorney can represent you and protect your interests during discussions.

Well Respected Law Firm In Tel Aviv with International Experience

As a Mackerel International law firm, Moshe Kahn Advocates is part of an internationally renowned group of over 100 law offices worldwide. This association gives us a unique perspective on international business and the legalities surrounding the establishment of new companies in different parts of the world. Our lawyers are highly-educated and skilled. Two of our lawyers are admitted to practice law in both Israel and in the United States.

Personalized Attention and Service

Moshe Kahn Advocates provides responsive and personalized service. We understand that investors, hi-tech, and start-up companies have special needs and might need extra guidance in order to comply with laws and regulations in Israel. Our cost-effective and high-quality legal services are developed with your specific business interests in mind. Our law firm in Tel Aviv takes the time to get to know and understand our clients' business needs inside and out before we recommend any legal direction. This targeted analysis allows us to recommend the most effective legal solutions for your specific needs at the least cost.

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Portfolio of Legal Services

Moshe Kahn Advocates offers corporate and commercial services in Israel to meet the needs of clients around the world. Our areas of legal practice include:

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