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Israeli Real Estate AttorneyReal estate and construction transactions are often complicated matters involving multiple interested parties with large sums of money resting on the results. In many cases, there are also numerous and complex laws and regulations that need to be navigated through. Thus, it is recommended that such matters be handled by an experienced real property lawyer in Israel.

As one of the well-respected commercial law firms in Israel, Moshe Kahn Advocates assists local and foreign businesses and individuals, in need of an experienced Israeli real estate attorney, capable of assisting clients with expert advice from the firm's experienced and knowledgeable legal team.

A Real Estate Lawyer in Israel Who Understands Israeli Property Law

Under Israeli real property laws, there are two distinct types of real properties in Israel: (a) "private properties", and (b) "state properties", (or "Minhal Property") which are owned by the Israel Land Authority. The practices relating to Minhal properties can be very different from those involving private properties, especially as it pertains to the way ownership rights are transferred. In addition, due to local tax regulations, Israeli real estate tax aspects should be taken into consideration in every real estate transaction.

As a trusted Israeli real estate attorney, Moshe Kahn and his legal team are fully prepared to act on their client's behalf to ensure that all necessary laws and regulations are strictly considered in any property negotiation or acquisition.

An Experienced Real Estate Attorney in Israel

Israeli lawyers at Moshe Kahn Advocates offer legal assistance to companies and individuals in need of legal services that require a real estate lawyer in Israel. The firm provides legal representation to its clients, in most types of real estate transactions and litigation, including those related to commercial and private purchases, sales, and leases. We also represent numerous service providers to the real estate industry, from building contractors and subcontractors, to appraisers, architects, engineers, and building management companies.

We have years of experience acting on behalf of developers, real estate entrepreneurs, contractors, individual purchasers, landlords, and tenants and are qualified to advise on all issues relating to land purchase, development, and sale including those pertaining to the Israel Land Authority, the Land Tax Authority, zoning boards, and municipal authorities.

The real estate legal services offered by Moshe Kahn Advocates include:

  • Representation in the purchase or sale of commercial property;
  • Representation in the purchase or sale of private property;
  • Representation of tenants or landlords in commercial leases;
  • Representation of tenants or landlords in private leases;
  • Representation in complex financing of real estate transactions;
  • Construction agreements
  • Contractors and Subcontractors agreements
  • Entrepreneurs agreements
  • Development agreements
  • Consultation and Supervision agreements
  • Real Estate Dispute Resolution: representation in real estate and construction litigation and arbitration.
  • Advice on real estate taxation.

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