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 Business and Commercial Law Moshe Kahn Advocates brings over 20 years of business and commercial law experience to its clients. Our Israeli attorneys in Tel Aviv, work closely with our clients (including foreign in-house counsel or outside counsel) to meet all of their business' legal needs. As one of the top law firms in Israel, we help our clients navigate Israeli law, rules, and regulations so they can successfully run their businesses.

Our areas of expertise in the field of business and commercial law include:

  • Ongoing legal advice on commercial law and business law issues
  • Preparation of legal opinions on commercial law and business law issues
  • Apply for licenses, permits, and approvals from local governmental authorities
  • Provide legal advice on regulatory compliance
  • Drafting and reviewing business and commercial contracts and advising on matters arising out of contracts, including:
    • Distribution agreements
    • Investment agreements
    • Franchising agreements
    • Marketing agreements
    • Development agreements
    • Supply agreements
    • Consignment agreements
    • Purchase and sale agreements
    • Financing arrangements
    • Subcontracting agreements
    • Service agreements
    • License for use of intellectual property rights
    • Commercial lease agreements
    • Information technology agreements
    • Software licensing agreements
    • Software distribution agreements.
    • Joint venture agreements
  • Data protection
  • Trademarks
  • Employment Law matters
  • Antitrust matters
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Commercial Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

An Israel Lawyer with Years of International Business Experience

In today's global economy it is more important than ever to have a solid understanding of not only the laws of your home country but also the laws of the countries with which you do business. At Moshe Kahn Advocates, we can provide that expertise.

Two of our Israeli attorneys are admitted to practice law in both Israel and the United States. We have over 20 years of international law experience behind them. We are an Israeli member firm of Mackrell International, an internationally recognized organization with more than 100 law offices located worldwide.

Our international experience allows us to provide a high level of service among law firms in Israel. We help our clients develop effective solutions to legal issues that impact the day-to-day management of the business just as much as their long-term success.

Moshe Kahn Advocates' Responsive, Personalized Service

Many law firms in Israel can provide legal analysis. Few can provide the same level of personalized service as Moshe Kahn Advocates. We are not solely interested in the legal aspects of your business. We are interested in the business itself and, more importantly, the success of your business. Our accessibility, responsiveness, and personalized service allow us to develop exceptionally effective solutions to our client's legal problems. Each of our clients receives individualized attention and legal solutions that are tailor-made to meet their needs. There are no one-size-fits-all solutions at Moshe Kahn Advocates.

It is our deep understanding of our clients' businesses that allows us to develop such effective and efficient solutions. This individualized approach guarantees superior legal services that successfully meet our clients' needs. Our comprehensive analysis and advice have helps our clients navigate the legal waters armed with the knowledge they need to make effective business decisions at home and abroad. Our Israel lawyer team provides services in English Hebrew and Russian to more effectively deliver legal solutions.

Whether you are a corporate client, an in-house counsel, or an outside counsel, the Israeli attorneys at Moshe Kahn Advocates can provide the Israeli law advisement you need.

Other Services Provided By Moshe Kahn Advocates

The team of Israeli attorneys at Moshe Kahn provides legal expertise in areas other than business and commercial law. Contact us for legal assistance regarding:

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