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Israeli Attorneys for HealthcareIsraeli Attorneys Moshe Kahn Advocates provide legal services to healthcare, pharmaceutical, and nutritional suppliers and distributors. These specialized fields require a commercial lawyer in Israel to possess a full understanding of the ever-evolving landscape of regulatory matters. We advise our clients on a broad spectrum of regulatory concerns, as well as work in direct contact with the relevant regulatory authorities, in Israel.

An Experienced Commercial Lawyer in Israel

With decades of commercial law experience, Moshe Kahn Advocates are well prepared to address the mired commercial contracts and agreements involved in the fluid landscape of the healthcare, nutritional, and pharmaceutical industries. We also work closely with regulatory and inspection officials to understand the regulatory and procedural changes and address client concerns in regard to potential or existing compliance matters.

We do not hesitate to contact the relevant official at the Israeli Ministry of Health ("MOH") if any clarification is required in order to comply with any specific regulation.

While there are countless aspects of the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and nutritional industries that the Israeli Attorneys at Moshe Kahn Advocates might be enlisted to address, a few of our services include:

  • Ongoing legal advice on healthcare, pharmaceutical, and nutritional legal matters
  • Preparation of legal opinions on healthcare, pharmaceutical, and nutritional legal matters
  • Apply for licenses, permits, and approvals from local governmental authorities
  • Provide legal advice on regulatory compliance
  • Drafting and reviewing business and commercial contracts and advising on matters arising out of contracts, including:
    • Agreements with Health Maintenance Organizations ("HMOs" or "Kupot Holim")
    • Agreements with hospitals
    • Agreements with insurance companies
    • Agreements with health care providers
    • Research and clinical study agreements
    • Distribution agreements
    • Supply agreements
    • Consignment agreements
    • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Compliance matters
  • Administrative proceedings
  • Product recalls
  • Product liability matters
  • Data protection
  • Trademarks
  • Employment Law matters
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Commercial Arbitration and Dispute Resolution

In such a highly competitive and ever-changing atmosphere, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and nutritional companies need a fully competent corporate attorney in Israel that is as responsive as the marketplace. The attorneys of Moshe Kahn Advocates who specialize in the medical and healthcare field have years of experience in adjusting to the needs of not only our clients, but the industry itself, and are prepared to handle any and all legal matters therein.

At Moshe Kahn Advocates, Our Clients are Our Top Priority

We are a well-respected law firm in Israel because our clients always come first. Our clients range from small domestic companies to large international pharmaceutical suppliers. Each client requires its own set of services and each situation requiring our representation, is treated with equal respect and care.

Israeli Attorneys at Moshe Kahn Advocates are Ready to Assist You

Whether your business is an international industry leader or a new company just testing the waters of the healthcare industry and in need of advice from an attorney in Israel, the team at Moshe Kahn Advocates is ready to answer your questions. Contact our office at +972-3-6914775, or fill out an online contact form and tell us more about your specific legal needs.


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